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torsdag 28 augusti 2014

Visual Design Stuff at Akademy 2014

For planet readers, this post is written by Andrew Lake.

I'm so excited to participate in my first Akademy this year! I'll finally get to meet other KDE folks I've only interacted with online from all the way in Seattle, my home. I'm especially looking forward to meeting some of our other VDGers like Thomas Pfeiffer and Jens Reuterberg.

I'll also be doing a session on Community Design and the KDE Visual Design Group where I'll share some insights on how the concept of community design works in the VDG, how we hope it will help to sustain visual design as a core competency in the KDE community, how to ensure the quality of the design output, and the lessons we are learning along the way. If you've ever interacted with the VDG, good or bad, or if you're just wondering how the VDG is working today or will in the future, you're certainly encouraged to stop by.

I'll also be hosting a workshop on Visual Design and QML where we'll cover using QML as a visual design tool by working through an example design. No previous QML experience is required - just a willingness to learn something new.

If you need any help or feedback with a design, you can find VDG folks in the User Interface Design Room identified on the BoF schedule.

I'm truly looking forward to this. My Czech is non-existent but I'm trying to learn a few phrases. My German is barely-existent but I'm trying to learn as well. So if you see this guy

or these guys

in the middle of a heated argument with Brno taxi driver, know two things:
  1. I probably insulted his dear mother without realizing it, and
  2. For goodness sake, help a brother out!
Looking forward to Akademy 2014!

8 kommentarer:

  1. I hope you have a rad time there! :D I think Akademy will be a huge boost for us.

    I read the post on planet KDE and thought "since when is Jens living in Seattle?" XD

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