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tisdag 12 augusti 2014

Monday Report: Old Style In New Form

For the PlanetKDE readers, this posts is written by Philipp Stefan

Breeze C++

Something wonderful happened, Hugo Pereira has volunteered to implemented the Breeze UI controls style in C++ and has shown off some screenshots of his work in the forum.
The basis of this theme is the old oxygen style, so he was able to reuse most of the code. Below are some screenshots of his work (without the Breeze window decoration).

Plasma Addons

The plasma developers are currently porting plasma addons from the 4.X series to Plasma 5. This is of course a great opportunity for us to look at the design of these addons and, as the developers have suggested, now would be the best time to suggest bigger UI revisions, if we have something in mind.
Naturally this has become our main focus this week. We plan to do it this way, open threads in the forums for each add on and wait a few days to see if someone has some ideas regarding the addon. When nothing happens we'll go forwards and finalize our design and make it accessible to the developer who ports the addon in question. This seems to work fine for a couple of addons so far.

Plasma Media Center

After a short delay *cough* Andrew Lake has taken the task upon him to help out with the PMC redesign :) 
The usual process of discussion layout, navigation, usability and presentation of features has now begun. If you have some ideas then, as always, don't hesitate to share them. Nothing is set in stone and as of now we can expect to see changes and adjustments coming up.
Have a look for yourself:

Andrew has also shown off some more mockups of his music player idea. Looking good, Andrew!

This blog entry is proudly presented to you after a two day long struggle with blogger. I thank my friends and family for supporting me in this difficult time.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The check boxes in Breeze look like radio buttons at a glance to me.

  2. Very beautifull the newest UI ! I am web développer and web designer, i love the flat design, it's clean, it's more easy for maintenance.
    Finally a design interface ! And it displease purists linux geek with no sense cosmetically, then finally we begin to have a nice interface for linux, it's about time ! :)
    I look forward :)