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måndag 21 april 2014

Monday Report #12 - Amazement!

In which I can't contain the amazing efficiency of the design community in last weeks thread and blab on and on about that. Also a video AND some other details and tasty treats for you, magnificent reader. But lets start by swearing at my internet provider who've chosen this time to collapse.

Andrew made a collage of these past seven days work.

So "My internet is down". The "dog ate my homework" of this modern era I suppose but it's true! My internet is down meaning this is all going through my cellphones internet connection. So I'll be brief

Lets start by saying I am double-glazed weapons-grade-amazed of the brilliant work done in the forums. Last week I posted Andrews amazing work on the widget theme and that he would open a thread on it in the forum asking for cooperation from the community. And what cooperation he got! A slew of people turned up (all that I would have named had my aforementioned internet not been down for counting) and made something stunning into something even more stellar.

Heres a short video he shot (the colors is of course the phone - we're not going for a sepia theme just yet... or are we?). Just look it! Look I tell you what - you go to a design office and go "hey you know what a group of dedicated individuals working together in cooperation can do faster and better than you?" and then show them the widget theme and the activity the cooperation and just the wonder of it.

I will list you all and hope to get a few interviews in this week to come with a few of you. In the forum another thread exploded into a hive of activity when people started hacking on the Aurorae theme! Gartecho's version (one of several people who've edited, tweaked and worked on it I might add) consists of several different versions and is awesome in all possible ways and you can download it here!

Gartecho's Auroare Theme.

(expect this post to be greatly revised tomorrow morning when, the gods willing, the internet is back completely)

This leads me to three different things I want to ask for help with! First off I want to kick off a Wallpaper Thread properly. Get as many people as possible to join in and start suggesting wallpapers. Now you don't even have to make a new one, just post things you'd LIKE in a wallpaper. You can write and simply say what it is you enjoy, what wallpaper you have and why you have it!

Second I've started looking into sound effects for things.... Now I know, you don't have to say it: a majority of us turn them off directly. Now I'm not saying the current ones are bad - just that I want to simplify them, mute them a bit, make them part of the background and have a boot jingle that isn't so much a jingle. Something with less than three tone shifts in it.
The second I have an internet connection I will post them here!

Thirdly I think it's time to start looking again at the massive thing that is Icon themes - now Uri Herrera (Of Nitrux and Qtbox fame - you should check out his work) is working on the icon theme but to be able to devote enough time he need help on HIS icon theme and he is looking for a skilled icon designer who can follow the design guides for the Flattr theme and help him out.

And finally before my phone bill reaches four figure sums - I want to start planning for the second stage of the VDG. When it moves from designers working silently with a community around it into a group of Community Organizers with a passion for design, open source and cooperation who help create open, inclusive design together with everyone!
This is for me the holy grail of this massive project of mine - to turn design completely into a community effort with a minimum of a hierarchies, a maximum of inclusiveness and a whole lot of cool design work for all!

So these comming weeks will be strange, fun and exhausting as the hunt is on to set up community organizers who want to handle one section of design work together with the community.

Join in at the VDG forums!

And now I will go to bed swearing at internet providers and why I ate all that chocolate cake earlier today. 

11 kommentarer:

  1. oh, so many window decorations !!! im confused ahhahahaha

  2. wow, those are some beautiful looking widgets, and the aurorae theme looks really classy.

  3. Love the designs. Personally I can't live without moving the buttons around (AppMenu - Window Title - Always on top) is my preferred layout. Keep in mind the multitude of layouts and combinations possible when designing this.

  4. I use only dark themes, are you going to accomodate such scheme?

  5. ^Agreed. The idea of shifting colours sounded awesome.

    If the DE has primary colour and accent colours, everything taking those on would be the best. That way, we could just change the colour settings from white + blue to dark-grey + purple (for example), and everything would adjust accordingly.

    1. It's done by using system colours, yes. Anything else would be a regression, after all ;) As for shifting, I haven't heard of whether that's implemented yet or not, but what you'd need is basically a simple tool that can shift numbers around. That's very easy to do.

  6. Jens, about the wallpapers, you mean this thread?:
    Or do you intend to make a new one?

  7. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  8. The window maximise, close and minimise buttons need to be refined imo. Also blue on white is less readable than a darker colour as someone alluded to. It is alright but needs loads of refinements

  9. I gotta' say .. I want breeze now. It looks so stunning! A lot of great work done.